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Anglia Courier Services are a reliable, successful and experienced independent courier company operating from central Essex, that specialises in providing a personal same day courier service, based upon a one-to-one individual basis. It is not our general policy to co-load with other clients jobs.

We are Fully Comprehensively Insured, and have Public and Personal Liability, as well as Goods in Transit cover up to £20,000.

Collection and delivery is by Citroen Berlingo van that can hold a pallet or about 45 A4 sized boxes, with a total weight of up to 600 kg or 1/2 a ton.

We operate a 24/7 same day collection and delivery service nationwide, carrying anything from an envelope to a pallet.

We would be pleased to quote for regular contract runs, which may qualify for a discount on our regular prices.

Anglia Courier Services are an approved courier for the National Blood Service and the National Health Service, and has delivered items for the Police, the Crown Prosecution Service, banks, accounting firms and many other businesses.

Contact details:

Anglia Courier Services

Phone/Fax: 01376-573717

Mobile: 07973-925209 / 07530-334375


                               VAT Registration Number: 886 9078 53