Anglia Courier Services


Terms and Conditions

As at 1st January 2012

The Prices and Information shown below are for Same Day Delivery

basic mileage rate is £0.90 (per mile), with a minimum charge of £15.00 for a delivery.
There are fixed (basic) prices (by postal district) for any job within the M25.

 There is a “dead mileage” charge of £5.00 for 16 to 30 miles, or £10 for 31 miles and over for travel to the collection point. Waiting time is free for the first 15 minutes, thereafter a charge of £5.00 applies for every 15 minutes waiting after the agreed collection time.
Other charges may apply (e.g. Congestion Charge, QE2 Bridge [Dartford Crossing] Toll).
All charges incur VAT @ 20.0% where applicable (i.e. at the current standard rate). 

Example 1:

Witham to Chelmsford = 9 miles 

Minimum Charge             £15.00

Plus VAT @ 20.0%          £  3.00  
Total                                  £18.00 (excludes any extra charges that may apply) 

Example 2:

Colchester to Liverpool = 248 miles


248 miles @ £0.90         £223.20

Plus VAT @ 20.0%        £  44.64         
Total                                £267.84 (excludes any extra charges that may apply) 

Example 3:

Kelvedon to City of London = 48 miles


Fixed (basic) Price           £60.00

Plus VAT @ 20.0%          £12.00
Sub Total                          £72.00
Plus Congestion Charge £10.00 (Mon to Fri - payable between 7.00 and 18.00)
Total                                  £82.00 (excludes any extra charges that may apply) 

Note: The above examples relate to any job that begins* between the hours of 7.00 and 17.00. Any job that begins* outside those hours, or on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday will be charged at  the minimum rate of £20.00, or £1.00 per mile, or an additional £15.00 to any fixed (basic) price, (whichever is applicable - plus VAT, tolls etc.), irrespective of distance between collection and delivery points.
* = from the collection point.

There is a 50% reduction in charges for any backload returning to the original collection point (i.e. £7.50 for a minimum charge rate job, or £0.45 per mile for a standard rate job, or half the fixed rate, whichever is applicable - plus VAT, tolls etc.).

: If any job is confirmed, and subsequently cancelled, there will be a £10.00 administration fee payable (£8.33 + VAT £1.67).

Unless by prior arrangement, payment must be made (by cash or cheque) at the time of collection.

Terms and Conditions apply. Please refer to the webpage, as above.
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Prices are subject to change without notice.